Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is the new catchword of the advertising industry. Google Brand Story-telling and you’ll see a plethora of posts, blog entries and articles on this. At Quack Concepts, we understand Brand Story-telling in a more literal and old-fashioned sense (or some say, 21st century context) – in the use of the television, webseries and film mediums (as well as books and blogs) to deliver a distinct association with a brand, product, idea or person.

Let’s get this clear, we don’t DEVELOP brands.

We don’t DO branding.

We don’t MANAGE brands.

We tell your story (or if you don’t have one, help you figure out what’s a good one for you).


We can figure out what your story should be for your brand or concept or idea. And we can figure out a way to make it memorable by associating it with a visual story in the form of a video, a web series, a movie or a tv series.

We’ve been doing this way before Brand Story-Telling became a catchword – working on projects like Kopitiam (which partnered with Dome) and Getting Together (a Sony branded sponsored content dramedy). Which makes us the perfect party to help you figure out how to put the story into your brand.