About Us

We’ve been in business since 2001, and since then, we’ve worked on a variety of original content projects across all forms of media, traditional and digital. We are a boutique content creator and we specialise in ORIGINAL CONTENT DEVELOPMENT.

ORIGINAL – this means we don’t recycle ideas, or pass off stuff to you that we gave to some other client.  Whatever we come up with, is specific to your brief, and more importantly, your needs (including the ones you didn’t know you had). We don’t give you stuff that we borrowed from somewhere.

CONTENT – means we can make stuff for just about any kind of platform out there – digital media, tv, movies, mobile, webpages, Internet content and blogs. And we don’t just manufacture stuff by recycling old stories and ‘rewriting’ them or syndicating or finding you stuff that really belongs to other people – we make the REAL THING.

DEVELOPMENT – when we say we do development, we mean we take your idea, whatever it can be (a word, a general vision, a specific dream, a brand, a product) and we build content around it. We figure out the best platform for it to go on (or multiple platform versions), we work out how it can be done (if it costs too much for example), and then we work with you, our clients, to perfect it. We understand that taking an idea from nothing to something is hard but the best part is, WE actually know how to do that. Make something, from nothing.

Original Content Development  involves a number of skillsets. We understand the entire process of content creation, be it the IT elements of a web or mobile app, to the conceptualisation of the campaign or the branding elements involved behind product placement or sponsored content. At Quack Concepts, we put the big picture together for our clients and supervise the process but our speciality is in the WORDS.

Writing of all sorts is our wheelhouse…our forte. We make magic with words, enrapture with sentences, sexify with text. We know the dramatic emotional difference between A sentence…and A. Sentence. Everything starts with the words – from the copy of the digital campaign to the text in a corporate article to the screenplay for a tv series, web series or movie.

We are not however mere copywriters since copywriters simply write what they are asked to write.

We are the first and last line of defence in the area of content development and creation because after we write the words, we work with other providers (technologists, production folk, graphic artists, DTP people) to make sure those words achieve the ends they were created for.

We’re more creators, who happen to also just be exceptional at wordsmything.